Veronika Hauer (*1981)
Studied at Goldsmiths College London, the University of Applied Arts Vienna and École supérieure d’Arts graphiques, Paris. Hauer is co-founder and editor of the online magazine on contemporary art Nowiswere. She works as a lecturer at the University of Applied Arts Vienna (Department of Art and Communication Practises).


Book presentation Veronika Hauer: Hier (Here), Forum Stadtpark Graz (February 23)

A Tribute To Gunther & Karl-Heinz, Kunstforum Montafon, Schruns (opening December 1)
Make something with your body,
three person exhibition with Karen Cunningham and Magda Tothova, vbkö, Vienna (September)

Visualising Immaterialities (Symposium), Faculty of Architecture, University of Innsbruck
Initiative Kunstverleih, Forum Stadtpark Graz
The whole is but a fragment (Das Ganze Nichts Als Ein Fragment), Forum Stadtpark Graz
#Riafeniz Zinefair (Presentation Nowiswere), Künstlerhaus Halle für Kunst & Medien, Graz
34. Österreichischer Grafikwettbewerb, Südtiroler Kulturinstitut, Bozen

How can moments go so slow, Leslie, Berlin
three dots, Galerie Z, Hard
fig-2 34/50 Veronika Hauer, ICA Studio, London (solo)
34. Österreichischer Grafikwettbewerb, Galerie im Taxispalais, Innsbruck
Fox, MAERZ, Linz (solo)
Exhibition & Auction for CS Hospiz Rennweg, Semperdepot Vienna

Before it made us wild, nadaLokal, Vienna
Giorgio Moroder’s Pyramid
, DUCTAC, Dubai
Temporary Autonomous Zone / 3, Teatr Studio/Galeria Studio, Warszawa
The Guests Were Props*, The Lust Gallery, Vienna
A Stone, A Word Activated by, Blickle Raum Spiegelgasse, Vienna
Baldachini, Glasgow International Festival, Glasgow

Hot stones, wet zones, fast melons, VBKÖ, Vienna
S/HE IS THE ONE, Kunstraum Niederösterreich, Vienna (Performance)
Afternoon Tea Time, DaDaDa Academy Restaurant, Guido Van Rats, Vienna
Trotz allem, Video-screening programmed by Barbara Kapusta & Katharina Aigner, das weisse haus, Vienna
In der Kubatur des Kabinetts, fluc, Vienna
Desire creates Distance, Ve.Sch, Vienna

Share your Darlings, Performancesymposium, Forum Stadtpark Graz
Translator/Betrayer, Symposium, University of Applied Arts Vienna
Temporäre Autonome Zone, Galerie Lisa Ruyter, Vienna (Performance)
Post, Forum Stadtpark Graz, Steirischer Herbst 2012, Graz
23. Juni, Sculpturegarden Strombad Kritzendorf
OBSTRUKTIONIST Edition 3, Past Vyner Street, London

Boomerang Hits, Forum Stadtpark Graz
Unpublished Issue #2, Performance event hosted by Nowiswere and GaleriNON, Istanbul. (Performance)

My life is in events, people things. Best wishes, 2010.Performance, Forum Stadtpark Graz/ MAERZ, Linz (Performance)
Upon Arrival. Spatial Explorations, Malta Contemporary Art, La Valetta
Unpublished Issue #1, Performance event hosted by Nowiswere and Depot, Vienna

Music and Movement are my friend, Studiopresentation, Teesdale Studios, London



Studio seminar This is just a first draft This is just a brief sketch – on the interrelation of drawing and performance – University of Applied Arts Vienna

Studio seminar The whole is but a fragment (Das Ganze – Nichts als ein Fragement)- University of Applied Arts Vienna (Art and Communication Practises)

Studio seminar Body Text Performance – University of Applied Arts Vienna (Art and Communication Practises)

Since 2008
Founding editor of the online art magazine NOWISWERE

Curator of the exhibition A BUDDY FOR A TEXT -on the performance of text and speech in visual arts, choreography and dance- at Forum Stadtpark Graz

Conception of the exhibition project SCULPTURE GARDEN together with artist Magda Tothova at Strombad Kritzendorf



“Über Arbeit und die Arbeiten von Roswitha Weingrill.” In: THAT’S IT FOR NOW. 10 Jahre the smallest gallery. 10 Beiträge zu Leben & Arbeit als KünstlerIn. Eva Meran, Milo Tesselaar (Hrsg.), Graz 2014.
Auto magazine, Issue 22, September 2012 (Artist contribution)
”Subsequent Formation.“ In: Nowiswere, Issue 9, April 2011.
NN (Working Title),
 Artist contribution. Verlag Forum Stadtpark, Graz 2010. ISBN-13978-3-901109-27-0. (Artist contribution)
”56th Short Film Festival Oberhausen.“ In: Nowiswere,  Issue 7, May 2010.
”Couple of times”,  Text for sound piece accompanying the show of artist Eva Wuerdinger, Blue Oyster Gallery, New Zealand.
”talk talk: The interview as artistic practise. Medienturm, Graz.”  In: Nowiswere, Issue 5, November 2009.
Dear Artwork and Spectator,
 Artist contribution, University of Applied Arts Vienna, Vienna 2008. ISBN: 978-3-85211-140-7.
(Artist contribution)
”I know that you know that I know.“ Exhibitiontext on Martina Steckholzer’s show, Galerie Meyer Kainer, Wien, September 2008.
”Jimmy Robert. Figure de Style.“ In: Nowiswere, Issue 1, May 2008.
”Laughing a loss of critical distance. The Show Must Go On (2001) by Jérôme Bel.“ In: Nowiswere, Issue 1, May 2008.
Unerhört, Visionen des jungen Südtirol
. Edition Raetia, Bozen 2006. ISBN: 88-7283-258-6.
(Artist contribution)